v1.1.0: Web Audio


  • Complete rewrite of audio systems using the Web Audio API:
    • Player thrust sound effects generated in real time.
    • Positional (stereo) audio for all sound effects.
    • More reliable and precise music looping.
    • Audio suspended/paused on visibility change (i.e. changing to another tab)
  • New extended arrangements of the title screen and game-play music.
  • Overhauled file loading with new loading screen. Game will not start until all assets are loaded.
  • New, more robust keyboard/gamepad input polling systems.
  • Pause screen transition can no long be interrupted mid-animation, which could cause the HUD and pause menu states to become out of sync.

The complete original soundtrack is also now available in lossless formats on Bandcamp.


space-drifter-1.1.0.zip Play in browser
Jul 17, 2020

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